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All of these games are available on BlueMaxima Flashpoint.
1. Exmortis
2. Jack French I: All Roads Lead to Paradise
3. Chopraider
4. Intrusion
5. Max Dirt Bike
6. Mini-Putt
7. 50 States
8. Mahjongg
9. 4 Wheel Madness
10. Moto Rush
11. Pinch Hitter 2
12. The Classroom
13. The Classroom 2
14. Girp
15. Raiden X
16. Soulmech Shinobu
17. Bloody Rage
18. Newgrounds Sim
19. Mini-Putt 2
20. Mastermind: World Conqueror

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Why don't you run them yourself?

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The best thing you can do is speedrun them and request to add them on Follow the tips on this video to have a higher chance of them being added . If they are approved you will be the moderator and if you take care of the pages and set them up correctly more people will get interested and run the games

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