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Hi fellow speedrunners. I'm wanting to interview more speedrunners in my Speedrun Interview series. Basically it's an interview where i ask questions related to speedrunning! Now i do them in a way that'll probably be strange to others. The way i do them is i send y'all the questions, then y'all record yourselves answering them, send me the footage after, and I'll edit in clips of me asking the questions. It just turned out to be the more convenient way to do the interviews. Anyways, would anyone like to be in my series?
Note: depending on the amount of responses i might not be able to answer to everyone!

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That sounds cool! Is there a link to the series rn, because I would like to see it.

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Can i answer here intead of a video? it will more easy for me.


@Act_Act_ here's a link to one of my recent interviews