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Pokémon FireRed randomizer run, 4:02.37


Well, the games, which I run all range between 1,5 hours to 2 hours. So, not too long, I guess.

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Undertale TPE Glitchless. Started off at 2:49:00~ in March last year. Current PB is 2:12:04


I used to run Castlevania 2 back when 48 and change was a good time.

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inFAMOUS: Second Son - Any% (3:35:40)


For me it would be Super Mario Galaxy 2 242 stars, it took me 20:00:02, I remember regretting speedrunning for that long, it was awful


Make a new thread...

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mines is a hour that my longest but i dident record it so i wasted a hour of life im not getting back. 😱


Nothing is a waste if you enjoyed doing it

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Bob, people get moaned at for not searching for duplicate threads.

Longest game I tried to speedrun was Shenmue 1 but to be honest I got fed up. I think an hour is the perfect length for a game to speedrun - you can grind a few times per day, but it is long enough to feel like an achievement getting a new PB.


@ckellyeditsckellyedits There is one thing of not searching for duplicate threads when you want to ask a question that was answered many times,
but necroing a 3-year old thread is another thing.

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My longest run I've done so far was 3:53:02 for Thrillville: Off the rails. This hwld for about a month until @OwObbyOwObby took it with a 3:26:25


My longest run is either the 3D Zelda Challenge (all 3D Main Zelda Games Any%) in 11:16:37 or a long time ago (2014) it was the old TWW Any% (now No BS/AU) in 7h38 (did only 1 run of it and it was a long time ago, and now TWW is way shorter :p)


I am not a guy that likes long speedruns. My longest one was the attempt I made to do an All Stories run in KH BBS, it took around 4 hours due to some mistakes. But long speedruns make me tired because I like to stop and rest, drink water, breath a little...


My longest is 2:11:51 in Diablo 3 which was the first game I started running. Since then, a majority of my runs have been 10 minutes or less in other games.


My longest run so far is Kirby's Adventure Any% NMG at 2:37:49

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For me, it's Patapon (Any%). The run used to be 5 hours until we found a consistent strats to cut the whole 2 hour mark from it.
At the moment, i'm aiming to speedrun Marriage% (Harvest Goddess) on Harvest Moon: FoMT, which should be around 20 - 24 hour mark.

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Currently my longest run is a Warlords 2 100% Knight random map run with 1:15:31.
But I plan on introducing an old strategy game to the site. Since it's only in preparation it's hard to say, but a full run would be at least 10 hours.

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While not that impressive I run Membrane All Orbs, it’s only 90 collectibles, roughly an hour. I feel burnt out by long runs but I can see how they can be really fun. I’m definitely looking into Odyssey 100%