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I actually get to temporarily win the thread!

Final Fantasy 9 "insanity%", clocking in at 1:05:25. Oh, that doesn't sound long? Well, that's because it's days:hours:minutes instead of the usual hours:minutes:seconds. My first attempt took 10 hours longer than that...

Of course, the category is something I made up (alongside Zorasknight) and is basically an RTA and beginner "friendly" 100% category for FF9. I find it a lot of fun and want to route it more solidly- I think that the time can get under a day.

For my longest 'official' category... I think the longest run I did there was Ratchet and Clank 3 100%, which took me just over 12 hours. I went in with no route and it was a race on SRL- the run was too grindy for my liking though, so I don't plan to do it again even though the record is sub 5. On that note, I also blind raced Chip's Challenge 2 the day after release, and took 13 and a half hours to complete all 200 levels. Optimally, it'd take around 3 or 4.
The longest official category I've done more than once is Ratchet and Clank 2's "PBSPI" category, which is basically 100%. Though technically my runs were done before the definition was changed and they no longer count, my best time was around 7.5 hours.

I like long runs. Long runs are fun for me because they're more a test of overall consistency than grinding out a flawless run with all the risky strategies- though obviously, getting all the risky strats in a longer run would pay off more! 😛


I'm not as insane as some of the posters above, like SDA and his 29 hour run, but I just run Legend of Mana. The shortest category is Dragon% and each route takes more time. Then you have All Routes which are about close to 3 hours and 100% which is close to 7 hours.


I completed Baten Kaitos 100% in 342 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Or if you prefer: 14 days, 6 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Or if you prefer like this: 2 weeks, 6 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Oh and that's the time for my last run, that was the 4th one I did. The 1st one I did was around 356 hours long.

That's it. Game Over. You can now lock this thread.

... Just kidding, I will let a chance for some people to beat me: the actual gameplay time of this run was around 77 hours, everything else was being afk. So if anyone gets a time over 77 hours, feel free to tell it here. For example, anyone that did a Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories 100% run.

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Longest RTA run
Clicker Heroes "The Green One" in 69:14:26

Longest RTA run w/ no breaks
Terraria v1.2.4.1 "Terra Blade 5P" in 28:56:21

Longest RTA run on console
Crash Bash "Co-op 201%" in 8:15:56

Longest RTA run on console (single player)
Crash Team Racing "Max%" in 8:03:38

Longest RTA back to back series of games (multi-game race)
Spyro + Crash Trifectas in 14:46:06!/120861

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Blind run of Pokemon emerald I did randomly like a few years ago (before this site)...I think my time was 11hrs.


Need for Speed: Carbon - any%, kind of what blind. Only knew stuff from my childhood.
After 4h something I was in the final boss-race which resulted in a soft-lock and a rage-quit because I tuned auto-safe off and would've had to start over from the beginning


my Longest speedrun was Chrono Cross. That game took me around 15 hours to beat lol.


My longest speedgame was God of War: Ascension which is a bit under 2,5 hours. That kind of length is already a bit tiresome for me, would prefer games to be as broken and short as possible. 🙄

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My longest run is by far my Xenoblade Chronicles X run clocking in at 12:46:21.
I'll miss this game's long time :C


I attempted FF8 got like almost 9 hours into it but never got to finish, but will return to it one day after I relearn some stuff.

I constantly do around 4 hour runs in Nier being my longest game in general, besides that normally just some quickie Onechanbara runs no more then hr or so tops.

Envy to those that do full FF game runs and other long games more then a few hours long.

Takes allot more effort into doing well in longer games, not to mention allot more time in general over the whole experience to even improve by just margins at a time.
Always nice to play shorter games most times then really long ones, time is normally your enemy always as a runner.


Didn't know it was a competition @Baffan. Silly me, I thought this was just a discussion.

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Gears of War 2 which is about 3 hours long on average, but I barely have sub 3 hours on it.


Wow, y'all are crazy, longest run I've done is Mega Man 2 at about 40 minutes Kappa. I'm learning Mystic Quest which will be a couple hours per run.


Longest game I run is Halo 2 Vista Legendary... 1:57:13... wish the stream was better quality and didn't lag...


Longest run I've finished is Donkey Kong 64 101%. WR is like 5.5 hours and my run was 10.5. That's considered pretty decent for a first run.


I currently have WR in Fable III and that run is at 4:06:43. It feels longer with half of the game being sitting around waiting for the quest NPCs to shut up.


The longest for me will probably be Drawn to Life 100% when I actually get around to it.7-9 hour run.


As of right now, I'm learning Twilight Princess Any%, Animal Crossing All Debts%, and Skyward Sword Any%. the Skyward Sword one will be hell.


Pokémon FireRed randomizer run, 4:02.37