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so far, 4h11mn and 21 seconds on Boktai 3.

I'd like to say it was a run, but it's more like a trainwreck.

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I hate long speedruns so the longest speedrun I've done is Toy Story 2 100%. My first completed run was like 1h25m or something like that.

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my longest is Luigi's Mansion 100% normal mansion, which took 2:40. but my shortest was you have to burn the rope, which is 30.300 and currently 27th.


Song of the Deep is my longest at the moment. My PB is almost 3 hours, but WR is less than 2 haha. I'll get there 😛


Infamous (PB = 3:26:30, WR = 3:12:27). I do have some runs that are longer but they're terrible runs, and once the times become competent they will be shorter. I'm considering running Asssassin's Creed II, which has a 6.5 hour any% (in RTA). That's about the longest run I would consider doing.


FFX PC - 11 hours


Lufia 2 Iris%; 20:28:00 (longest due to randomness)
Final Fantasy Full Bestiary; 11:33:11 (longest category that is actually long)
Lufia 4 Any%; 8:56:59 (longest Any% in terms of WR. DQIX is slightly longer but WR is slightly shorter atm)

All 3 times are current WR times (Though on Iris% and Lufia 4 I've been on pace for better).


Probably Superhot 100% at just shy of 4 hours.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Any% (Beginner) - 3:18 : My PB sucks


Yeah I know you feel about the long speedruns that last for basically more than 2 ~ 3 hours or such ebing so daunting, especially when you funk it up at some part around the end and you had to restart it all over the scratch after hours of being glued to the screen / paying utmost attentions to what's going on in screen. 🙁

Myself the longest sppedrun I've ever done is, hmm I'd dare to say probably the one in RE2 which took me about 1h and 53 minutes to wrap up the challenge, yet haven't done too much of speedruns in various games like some of you guys it has long been the longest one as far as I can remember, I'm now thinking of doing a speedrun in RE Revelations 1 I bought recently but found it kinda tiresome rather than being too "demanding". 😛


Herdy Gerdy any% clocking in at 3 hours


my new longest speedrun is my first Jersey Devil run. It was over 3 hours. Sub 2:30 is possible, though.


Saturday Morning RPG 100%, close to 3 hours. I do Any% All Episodes of that game much more often, which is about 1 hour 20 minutes.


I did a blind run of Duke Nukem Forever and it took me 6hours. I wouldn't consider that a speedrun and more of a death sentence. OpieOP


I did a Lego Lord of the Rings run of just under 4 hours before a couple of large skips were found. The run's now 2h40mins long.


I've never actually fully finished a run in one sitting, but Saints Row 3.


12:14:00 in game time for Last Window: The Secret of Cape West


Ape Escape 2 100% - 4 hrs 33 minutes (one time thing)
Ape Escape 2 All monkeys - 2 hours 30-ish minuts at first


I did an Assassin's Creed II speedrun once upon a time. It took a while