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Before i get to the point, I apologize that I'm doing a post that's been done. I tried finding it in the forums but couldn't, maybe I'm just blind lol!
What are some of the dumbest reasons you've ever seen a moderator reject a run for?

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Now I have to look through all my notifications. (Edit) Ok I found it. I submitted two runs in Green Square's Quest in the same category, (I did one run then got a better time) the second run got rejected saying - "Runner cannot have multiple runs in the same category" I have verified tons of runs as of witch there have been two of them in the same Category.

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@Act7Act7 That happened to me once and after getting a bit mad at the moderator they verified the run. I find it infuriating whenever that happens to me because I really like to submit all my PBs for the history and whatnot. Mods, don't do that, please.

Anyway, one thing that annoyed me the most is when I once submitted a run of Mario & Luigi Dream Team "Glitchless". It was rejected for not having full video. While yes I was told that I must submit full video, I lost footage of a 2 minute part of the run because I accidentally stopped recording while trying to restart stream, so I decided I won't bother looking into uploading a FULL 30 hour long run -- with like 14 hours of those being AFK time.

But what I find the most ridiculous is the fact that there are runs without video that were also verified after my run. Who cares about me not including my AFK time when it's 20 hours behind WR and there were runs verified after that that had no video at all?

Because of this incident I decided that I will keep stream on whenever I go sleep during a longer run, so my next long af run with sleep was accepted because I was able to submit full footage (even though it was through lol). On the bright side, none of my runs include sleep anymore, so you dont have 7 hours of nothingness anymore 🙂

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I don't have a link to the one I was specifically thinking of, but runs being rejected with no reason is pretty horrible.
Even confronted with the trolliest troll run, a reason is good for logging.

Another example that I also can't find is a Mega Man run being rejected, the boards weren't on so runs should be sent elsewhere, but the rejection reason was 'Nope'. Might have to take my word for it I'm afraid.

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I remember I did get a run rejected because the time was incorrect because it was something like 25.340, when i wrote 25.034. So.... it got rejected and that was confusing.

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@LXndxZzZLXndxZzZ that’s just plain laziness from the moderator.

@Act7Act7 the site moderation rules specifically say not to do that, it’s likely the result of moderators not understanding how the site works. Whether or not you want to pursue it is up to you.

I think this thread should be called “Incompetent Moderators” haha

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I started moderating a game that had no mods for a while, and when I was poking around I saw a rejected run from the prior mod.

They rejected the run because the person submitting it didn't include the emulator and version of the emulator they were using in the notes. Both of those things were very clearly visible in the video itself because the capture included the full emulator window with name and version.

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@ZeroThe14thZeroThe14th that makes me want to look through all of the rejected runs of games I moderate. Thanks for giving me something to do.

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No problem! I went back and added the emulater version and such in the notes and approved it right away after I saw it. I don't know the prior mod, but that seems like a really bad reason to reject a run.

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@ZeroThe14thZeroThe14th you can check the audit log to see who was the previous moderator

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I wanted to run one speedgame called Corejourney which was a Minecraft server, but that speedgame actually requires you to have seperate accounts. So nice speedgame that forces you to buy seperate accounts or fake/stolen account too.

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