Forums  /  Speedrunning  /  "Dokuganryu Masamune" I have record my speedrunning. He deleted it! Why?

I recorded it.
And I registered for speedrun a year ago
The moderator unilaterally deleted it recently.

It's a correct regulation. It is an Nintendo NES of Japan. (The reset image is a image only Nintendo NES of Japan.)

I have run on NicoNico Live with many viewer.
This is the correct rule.
Why did the moderator delete without review? I had the crazy behavior before.
I want you to register again. And I hope to change the moderator.

This website don't want to join Japanese ?
please tell me how to record or the moderator change.


I’m sorry, what?

What you are describing does not sound like, game moderators are not able to delete runs. If this is related to another website then you should take it up with the managers of that website, or go through whatever process they have in place. Nobody here can really help you with that.

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The moderator unilaterally deleted it recently.
Moderators cannot delete runs, they can only reject them. The current moderator for Dokuganryu Masamune hasn't logged in for 7 months, so I doubt he's rejected your runs recently... Although perhaps @Nick-MA-ZockNick-MA-Zock was moderator until a month ago and rejected them?

You should be able to see your rejected runs and what reason was given by going to the "pending actions" tab on your profile and selecting "rejected" under the "runs awaiting verification" tab. Given that the current mod and the only runner are both Japanese, I doubt you being Japanese has anything to do with it.

In any case, if you'd like to become moderator for that leaderboard, you can submit another run, wait a few weeks, go to this link and fill out the form. Since the moderator has been inactive and has no runs in this or any other game, you should be able to take up moderation yourself, and hopefully do better.

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@GarshGarsh If it isn't obvious... They're clearly using Google translate or something similar. Not sure why you're getting caught up on deleted / rejected. Mistranslation and/or not aware of the difference. Your reply comes off as aggressive for no real reason

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The run must have been rejected. If you dont have a notification go to the pending actions in your profile and select rejected. It should be there.


@diggitydiggity well first off I clearly didn’t intend to come off as aggressive. Second, deleting and rejecting a run are two very different things both of which can be done. He didn’t provide any additional links or clarifications so when I read his post I’m going to assume he means what he says.

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Maybe we are all bots

Blade (Speed)runner


Thank you for all kind comments.

The record was "rejected".
I applied for a moderator. I will wait for a week.

This game is a minor game.
But this game was a big problem in Japan's RTA. This old moderator has decided that "no video = faked".

This video solved a big problem. I have run it many times, and I registered to The meaning, attention and accesses of this game are a big problem in Japan's RTA. This old moderator is not good judge.

If was impossible, I will try again on YouTube. I hope to fair on this website.

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You didn’t submit the run with a video? I am still confused.


@Call-chanCall-chan does not host videos, you have to use other sites for that, such as youtube, nicovideo, etc., and then include the link with your run submission where it says "video link".

Note that almost every leaderboard on this site requires video. This is standard practice.

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As it has been stated above, you need to upload the video of your run to Twitch, YouTube or another site that hosts permanently your recordings.

You're criticizing the mod, but he probably doesn't intend to reject your runs, he simply means you should upload the video to some website to have any kind of proof of your speedrun.

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