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Human Fall Flat. Really short run (WR is about 8 minutes), as well as very broken. Devs were also nice enough to make it easy to downpatch to 1.0 too, so nothing annoying to setup for a run.


Mighty Gunvolt is an easy-to-learn Mega Man-style platformer.


Tanker chapter of MGS2 ?

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A Kitty Dream! Unfortunately it doesn't have its own page yet, but a game from the same developer called The Valley Rule does.

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Shadowgate glitched is sub 10 even for your first attempt.


I have no idea what sort of games you'd really like to play just by the words "fun action, adventure or platformer games" and I'm not exactly familiar with those belonging to the platformer games, but speaking Resident Evil wise which is one of my favorite game franchise, I think I'd recommend you to hit Resident Evil Outbreak games since they have a couple of chapters you can beat in less than 10 minutes(the WR was somewhere like 4 minutes and 50 seconds as far as I can remember, as a matter of fact). 🙂

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Individual level runs sound like they could be your thing. Also, how about running a demo? It's a pretty unusual thing to do for sure, but demos are free and short. I once did a run of God of War III Demo for instance, which is sub 6 minutes long, just for fun.



There are plenty of full games that meet Dino's criteria. However, IL's could be worth investing time in, as they can eventually be put together to form a complete and longer-than-ten-minutes run. The problem for someone who wants to actively post runs is that not all games include IL boards.

By the way, Dino, are you interested in games that are just slightly longer, in the 10-15min range?


Kirby's Dream Land for Gameboy clocks in at 12-13 minutes for a decent run, that's a little past your time range, but it's a fun game. You can probably beat it in 15-20 minutes blind lol

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Yeah, great game, and great suggestion. The only thing keeping an average run around that time seems to be RNG.

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Chex Quest, it's free, runs on any computer, and you can beat it in five minutes. It's pretty fast paced and fun to actually play, give it a shot.


I'm imagining Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure. A web game where you must save "Wuzzlantis" from being
forever trapped in stone. It's certainly simple to learn, but I'm not sure if you would call it fun. There isn't
much action during levels, so you will experience sequences of just moving to the right. The factor that I think
makes a difference between a run and the world record is the final boss. It could take a long time depending
on what the game feels like.


One game that I can suggest is Super Mario World. Run it however you want - long (96 levels complete), short (11 levels complete) or INSANELY SHORT (like 80 seconds short) however the game takes A LOT of practice, e.g. learning to use that annoying piece of crap, the cape.

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duck tales any% easy difficulty on nes


I'd look at the Princess Remedy games, I've been meaning to myself. They're short, fun bullet-hell type games. (The first one's free!)

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Maybe that description could use some clarification 🙂 Princess Remedy is an action-RPG in which the battles are fought in a retro STG style (STG = shooting game). Long story short: you are Princess Remedy, you find sick people, and you fight their illnesses in a shooter-style battle.

Sorry, but I felt that I should chime in. Unless I remember incorrectly, "bullet hell" isn't quite accurate, though it does have shooter elements.

And yeah, it's free, and it's unique, so that's good!



Yeah. Sorry. I guess I was thinking too much about how Undertale was described once and conflated the two.

Yes. Dear OP, please listen to this gentleman instead.

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