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$1000,- bounty from Distortion2 if you are able to find the notorious "Jimmy Skip" in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Jimmy Skip is a theorized skip in which the player, after receiving the Kusarigama (the sword from Sekiro) from Kuro in the tutorial area, jumps on to a wall close to past the first mini boss which then allows jumping on to the big bridge that leads to Ashina Castle that is normally unreachable due to a giant invisible wall blocking it off. This would save about 7 minutes in-game time, skipping the first Genichiro trigger, skip the Ogre fight (or Ogre Skip), skip the first real boss fight: Gyoubu (or Gyoubu Skip) as well one skip (or fight) > Bull Skip, and a bunch of running through area's.

Two caveats however:
- We were unable to identify whether there is even a loading trigger when getting on to the bridge to load in Ashina Castle. If the actual area doesn't load, it would probably be useless.
- We have no clue about how the rest of the game behaves if you could even find a loading trigger. There is a potential that the game would softlock due to skipping the first Genichiro trigger.

Here is the clip with bounty and info for your reference: https:/​/​twitchstats.​net/​amp/​clip/​ShyCrypticSashimiTwitchRPG
If you need more information, you can reply to me or DM me.

Good luck. You are gonna need it...

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Normally loading Jimmy? No no. You are misunderstanding. "Jimmy Skip" is a skip named after a viewer called "Jimmysomethingsomething" from @Distortion2Distortion2 's Twitch chat who claimed he found a method to perform this out of bounds, yet never backing up his claims with evidence.

The skip itself would be better dubbed "Early Ashina Castle" since it just skips 7 minutes of regular gameplay and would allow runners to get on to the big bridge at the start of the game. Watch any Sekiro speedrun to find out what gameplay that is.

To explain it a bit better: https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​ShinyPatientDragonfruitPanicBasket Here is a clip of @Distortion2Distortion2 showing where exactly one could perform this skip: (He's using a cheat to get a super jump). If you could get on top of this specific wall, it would allow players to get on to the big bridge next to it (which is the bridge in Ashina Castle). Its essentially at the start of the game > You get out of the cave > You make your way to Kuro in the hut to get the Kusarigama (Sword) > Go outside and run towards the first mini boss > The wall which Distortion is trying to jump on in the clip is essentially just right of the mini boss. Theres a small broken wall right of the mini boss that you can jump on which allows for some extra height to make another jump to the actual wall one would need to get on, but its only a couple of pixels off in order for a player to actually ledge grab the wall.

Hope this helps.

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🤔 Here I was thinking you were gonna try and test if you could make it work.


Perhaps you should have been more specific about which games/platforms you would actually be willing/able to test for. Anybody can look at a clip of something and come up with a theory.

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Well then.

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Welp, that escalated quickly

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So many people saying they'll glitch hunt, so little follow-through.

Locking this thread as it somehow managed to outlive its usefulness in a single day.