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I'm looking for games where speedrunners would rather not do the any% run because the glitches make it way too easy or it gets too technical for people who just want to do some gameplay. Pokemon Gold and Silver comes to mind because the last part of that any% is basically typing names as fast as you can to exploit a glitch, which is why "any% glitchless" is more popular.

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In the original The legend of Zelda the No Up+A category is more popular, in smb3 its the any% no wrong warp, in GTA V the any% category is considered boring so most play any% no mission skips or classic percent and in Minecraft Java the most popular category is 1.16 random seed glitchless while the fastest category that beats the game would be 1.16 set seed glitchless

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Super Mario Bros. 3 - Any% uses a wrong warp glitch. 100% is the default category.
Geometry Dash - 1-21 is the closest thing to Any%, beating all 21 official levels in the game. Still, 1-8 is the most popular category.

Skylanders: Giants - All Story Levels is the most popular category in the game. This is essentially beating every level from a completed file in any allowed order, which is why it is preferred by most runners.
Skylanders: SWAP Force - Similar to Giants but to a greater level. SWAP Force Any% has unskippable cutscenes and hub missions between every level.
Skylanders: SuperChargers - All Story Levels is more popular.
Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing - The Land Cup is the most ran category in the game, possibly due to its accessibility and short length. Any% is much longer and isn't fully optimized, so there's little interest.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab - afaik Any% is based on RNG. All Worlds is the default category.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Obstacle Odyssey 2: Time Trouble - Category rules got redefined, leaving Any% with 0 runs.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - Any% uses a glitch that duplicates tokens. Very repetitive. No Mindy Skip is the most popular category.

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In Super Mario 64, the 0 Star category seems to be the least popular.

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To add onto the games listed here, pretty much any game with an ACE credits warp usually has Any% be less popular. Credits warps are cool to see, but rarely as engaging as normal gameplay. I know SMW is like this.

For a different case, the Hobbit on PC and 2nd gen 3D consoles has a glitch that lets you auto-end levels, being the fastest way to beat the game. Despite being faster, it's really no fun, so most people run the category that bans it.

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Cuphead's menu glitch is like, a frame perfectish trick on every boss. No thanks!


Any% for Mario Party 2 is not the most popular category. In fact, it’s on the category extensions and has no runs. The game only has one save file, and it takes a while to unlock everything, so people don’t want to completely restart for only a minimally different category than all boards.

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Right now the individual levels section of Tom and Jerry - Infurnal Escape are absolutely on fire (no pun intended)


Ocarina of time definetly and i think luigis mansion any% might have been an unpopular one not sure


on some smaller web and mobile games the IL categories tend to be a lot more active and optimised than full game