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Heya, today i'm gonna do my first speedrun of Spyro Reignited trilogy
in the categorie Spyro the Dragon any% NBS

I got a question,
I wanted to submit a run without split because idk how to use one, and i kinda only wanted to be referred with the in-game time (the time on save after gnasty gnorc)

i have check how submiting look like and i see than you need to refer a real time, and time with load, i don't know how to get this information, and i want to know if they are mandatory,

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Ask the mods of that game for clarification on timing/the rules.

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i will try :3 thank's

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alright, i think i do need to use livesplit for submiting my run, i kinda try that app today, and encounter an issue, whenever i'm in game, using an hotkey will not trigger the split, or starting, or reseting, or whatever, that was the reason i don't wanted to use it, please help QnQ

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That's probably because you need to active "Global Hotkeys" for LiveSplit.

1. Open LiveSplit
2. Right-click the LiveSplit window > "Settings"
3. Find the "Global Hotkeys" checkbox and make sure it's checked.
4. Click "OK" at the bottom.

Now the hotkeys should work no matter what window you're on. If they're somehow still not working, you can try running LiveSplit as an administrator and see if that works.

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Hey everyone! I had a question I want to really start speed running castlevania bloodlines and contra hardcorps. I have the contra and castlevania collections for both games. Would those be acceptable for speed runs or would I be made to use an emulator or the original consoles. Thanks!

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@NeonSmileyNeonSmiley Please post that question in the specific sub-forums for those games, as people are unlikely to know the rulings of those specific games here at the general forum.

Contra Hard Corps forum:
Castlevania: Bloodlines forum:

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@NeonSmileyNeonSmiley The rules for Contra state that the collection is allowed.

For Castlevania, Switch is a selectable platform. However, the game is on Switch in both the collection and in NSO Genesis, so I would recommend you ask to make sure your version is acceptable.