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under 10 min speedrun or near that thank you 🙂


The original Super Mario Bros. is a short and sweet speedrun. It's worth a try.
Unfortunately, we can't link to any ROM files directly because piracy isn't great, so you'll have to search yourself.

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Pretty much the entire Game Boy library.

Note that with the GB, many emulators are banned for inaccuracy. But you will find bgb and gambatte legal on most all boards.

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Consider mobile. Lots of free games and (contrary to popular belief) a lot of them are credible. If you want any recommendations then let me know what genres you like and whether you are on android or ios.

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Or run webgames! There's plenty of great ones and they're free. If you're on desktop a lot then you can just open it up in your browser and play away.

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Trackmania: Nations Forever is a free racing game, and if you work on White%, it will take you less than 10 minutes per run, with the WR being 5 minutes RTA.


Locking this because this is encouraging piracy.