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If you join the mobile speedrunning discord at there is a channel dedicated to giving / requesting speedgame recommendations for mobile including a big list broken down into genre / run length / price etc.

If you don't fancy joining another discord I'd be happy to recommend something here. Are you on iOS or Android? What genres do you like running? How short do you mean? Are you willing to pay for games or free only?

If you are like "no discords, no questions, just shut up and give me some bloody suggestions"
- Super Dangerous Dungeons (Grass Dungeon)
- Cat Bird (Marda)
- Neon Shadow
- Granny
- Nimian Legends
- Sword of Xolan
- Space Marshals 2
- Speed Run 2
- Super Bear Adventure

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i highly recommend trying out catbird and its marda any%


Cat Bird is my favorite mobile game to date, and its speedruns are amazing.