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Guys I really want some good speedruns, does anybody knows whats the easiest game to speedrun?

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Are you looking for less than a second run? Or are you looking for an easy longer game.

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I’m not sure how much overlap there is between “good speedruns” and “easiest game to speedrun.”

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Well an example of one of those games is "There is No Game", very easy to run and is pretty high quality

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If you mean easy as in "Easy to get into" then I'd say Karlson 3D is an easy one, and it's free and easy to DL. It's short sweet and simple.

If you mean easy as in not requiring much skill? Lots of old early 2000's games are like that since they are easy to cheese. I moderate the Ghost Recon: Island Thunder and Ghost Recon: Desert Siege games and both have a "recon" gamemode that is laughably easy to run in a short amount of time with very little skill.

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Pou is the easiest game lol
Most runs are really short and a singe video can be submitted to multiple categories
And in Pou Category Extensions - Die most runs are under a second long and it's really easy to die lol

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muumit ja taikurin hattu is literally easy as it is a kids game. the hardest thing youll need to know is the order of the alphabet

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If you truly want an easy game, I wanna go bananas easy difficulty is 3 seconds long, and you only hold right. Its impossible to not get wr in this game

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knockout is fairly easy and you can get some free wrs sooo


The easiest: The game you're quickest at


I would say super mario bros. Glitchless


I strongly disagree. SMB1 is hard enough to beat, let alone speedrun.

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I think it will depend on the player's preference as to what games they consider to be easy. For me, Donkey Kong Country is a nice game to speed run. It's also fun so it's worth a shot if you want to try speed running it.


For me the easiest game the baby In yellow Well, what's so difficult in 3 weeks you can and a world record


There is kind of an answer to this question in general
Least effort/pure RNG world record, with that: The Graveyard's survival% category I suppose