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For anyone who does not know a thing I am talking about, let me fill you in. On my own channel, I have done 4 or so runs of a certain part of Hill Climb Racing 2. I sent in my game request. After just about 2 weeks, my request was... rejected, due to quality standards. I was in shock. Being rejected. For any of you who don't know, I had already requested Ninja Warrior 4, a flash game, but was rejected due to not being able to submit a run due to my computer. But now, I had fixed that. I sent in a video of me doing a run, I linked info to the game, I put in the exact release date, and I was rejected anyway. But I will not be deterred... I'm gonna keep running this game on my own.

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From what I know the reason is that flash/short games are not allowed

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I would say if you keep submitting a rejected game you would just get banned at some point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And nothing against your runs or you but some bad flash or mobile games are just not allowed here; there may be some of these on here, that's because of the rule change some time ago.

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"I'm gonna keep running this game..."

Good! Your enjoyment of the game, casual or otherwise, is more important than some-

"...until it is on those damn leaderboards."

Only half woke, darn. Best of luck!

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Yeah don’t repeatedly submit a rejected game, that probably won’t go over well.

The game wasn’t rejected due to the quality of your run, it was probably rejected for the type of game that it is (short, generic flash game). Even if you get a perfect run it still won’t be on the site because the site had cracked down on the short “dime a dozen” flash games.

But, you should keep running it and enjoying it. After all, an LB on here isn’t required to do anything so keep running and improving if you’re enjoying the game.

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you could make like a playlist on youtube or something, some people may even try it


Alright, I have read all your messages. I might make my own site for running the game, and moderate it, and no, I have no wish to submit the game any more times on this site. Planning on using weebly to make a leaderboard for some Flash games that aren't accepted here.


Your probably better off just using a google docs

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No one can view it because it needs permission to view 🙂 I would have it on public with comments on maybe and then no edits or something, I don't make google docs often but I think that can happen? 🙂


I didn't know that was a problem, fixed it.


You could put the Google docs in the social button: Website
So other runners can see it on your profile and click on it ^^

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idk but maybe google sheets would look better if you plan on adding more games and such, then it can work with a first place a second and stuff like the SRC leader boards but not needed docs still shows the information 🙂


Might do that if the leaderboards get too overloaded. @MelonSlice
Will do @Seydie

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@NinjazFTW64NinjazFTW64 The game has been added since this thread. So if you want to submit your times, only one other person runs it I believe!