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Is anyone else interested in this game? It hasn't gained much traction yet (even with it being on Game Pass). From what I have gathered, it is only yet possible to speedrun this game on PC, as I've talked to several other players.

The consensus seems to be this:

PC: No bugs whatsoever -- possibly with Nvidia cards though

Xbox One X:

-Bug filled.

-Lots of "Black Screens of Death" which may or may not resolve themselves.

-Some enemies not dying (in particular, the pirate boss).

-Last Boss (HIM) possibly having a bug which allows you to crouch attack him until he dies inevitably.


No bugs found yet

-Unsure; not enough information gathered yet.


-Software issues that force a restart.

Is there a requirement for a game to not have bugs in order to speedrun them? I usually play on Xbox One X, and having a "no bugs" category might be a fun, memey one to have, at least until they are hopefully patched out.

If not, will PC be the norm as it seems to be very stable?

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Cyberpunk 2077 has been speedrun many times, to answer your question about games needing to be bug free.

But generally people can run on whatever platform they want. Even if it isn't as stable, people usually don't have the luxury of choosing between every console and just play on whatever they have or enjoy.

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Many players actually prefer games with bugs in; exploiting bugs to help a speedrun is part of the fun. No glitches, and even no major glitches, are fairly common speedrun categories. It also isn't unusual for each platform to have its own subcategory in cases where a game plays very differently on separate platforms.

Of course, if the glitches on a particular platform outright prevent the run from being completed, using that platform likely isn't recommended...

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Appreciate the responses. First time on this site, otherwise I'd give likes to both!

Is there a way to request a game be placed on this site? I can't seem to find a way to contact Mods/the site directly to submit such a request.

Again, appreciate the responses.


Here you go. You'll want another social media link and you'll need to wait until your account is a week old though.

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If there are significant differences between the platforms, you should separate leaderboards based on platform if it gets added (if the community feels it to be appropriate)

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Thank you for all the advice. I have been taking notes of routes and been doing a lot of testing and learning, some possible useful techniques in the game as well but I'm sure someone will make use of it as soon as the category opens up 🙂