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This has been happening to me. Has anyone else here, since getting into speedrunning, have that one abrupt thought "How can I do this the fastest way possible?". It's like the things that I'm learning subconsciously while speedrunning is helping me do things faster in real life.

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@Chronokirby, I guess he is going for "100% happiness" category, where you need to finish your life as quick as possible once your lifetime-happiness meter turns onehundred.
What you were referring to is any% and I bet if he had done this category, he wouldn't be able to discuss that with us. Kappa

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Suicide generally lowers happiness. Best strat is to come to terms with death and then do risky stuff.

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I would love to say that it's a thing but the last time I finished too fast my girlfriend yelled at me and said it should last a lot longer than that.

Don't do speedrun sex, kappa.

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you done it again battleonfan1

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Yeah, no, never do that. You want to be an essential part of a team, but never be TOO essential, or you'll never get promoted that way either.


bunnyhop irl is pretty usefull actually

you may look stupid but you go faster, 😃

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When you go home, and have to walk through numerous red/green lights, and then you can pass successfully without reducing your speed :

"Ok cool, that's a good cycle... Wait, did I just really say that ? Damn."

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This guy gets what I'm talking about.


I have learned to recognize traffic light cycles on my walk to work... the cool thing is I actually have a backup strat because there is a subway station that goes under the street I need to cross. So I have it figured out whether or not I should wait for the light or go through the station based on the timing of the lights at the nearby intersection.

Except when the strat backfires because a train just got in and the station is so busy it takes longer to walk through 😕

Back when I was in school I used to walk along a larger street that had traffic lights every block, and they all turn red at the same time to let the cross-streets go. If I had to walk down the street more than 3 blocks and cross it, there would always be a most optimal intersection where I didn't lose any time because the time it took to walk 1 block was different than the length of the light cycle.

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Speedrun techniques applicable to other stuff in my real life?

Meh, I guess they ain't of much use thus far as what I have to deal with is quite different from what I have to do in a video-game speedrun, and besides being able to settle things as fast as possible doesn't necessarily mean a good thing to do 😛

Your girlfriend would be discouraged at you that you didn't give her the moment for coming.

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I woke up and found out and I was nearly out of food resources so I went to the store and despised it because I hate auto-scroller missions because they feel so slow having to wait for lights to turn green while driving but on the bright side at least I had good cop RNG as I can not afford any tickets because I have to manage my funds strategically to ensure my survival bar doesn't get too low, I would continue this story but my life soft locked as I had to answer a call from my significant other and fix the problem :^).

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I got most of my speed strats from this page, they also go over rules and sequence breaks.

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  [user deleted]

You could speedrun laying down the pipe but I doubt you'll get a chance to improve your time.

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