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Super Mario 127.
I enjoy it purely because it's a sequel to my favourite Flash game and it's already an amazing game even while being in Demo. I also love it because it's not made in Flash, which means that you can make TASes of it using the Linux version with libTAS, something that is very important to me because I am both a runner and a TASer. As of right now only me and @VexxterVexxter actively grind ILs of it, and I hope that soon we will get more and more people to join us as it has a lot of potential to become an amazing speedgame.

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Every game I moderate is small and irrelevant. Some less active than others. I enjoyed running these games because I have a passion for them for like a week, and then everyone just stops giving a fuck and the game(s) die(s).

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Same here... except I don't mod any games.

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Even though I mod this game and I will be very biased to it ice dodo 4 is a cool game


So, a stealth alternate advertising thread? Well, I'm in. There are a couple of games where I'm the only runner, and several others I could list with just a few, but the game that fits this thread best has to be Grippy. I've put over 50 hours into the game now, and I've been running it again to celebrate its recent addition to Newgrounds, using that version instead of the Linux download. Got pretty close to a new pb a couple days ago.

What first brought me to the game is the freewheeling monkey-bars style, which is fun to grapple with. I found the controls pretty intuitive given the mechanics, and when I discovered the springy physics of Grippy's stretchy arms allow you to move pretty much as quickly as you can read and react, I just had to speedrun it to see how far I could take it.

That it turned out to be much further than I'd expected, so I've kept at it. Plus I didn't really hit a plateau until I got to sub 2 minutes, and it's always nice to have steady progress.

I also enjoy how there's no lull period to the run—while some parts are trickier than others, every single movement requires attention. But at the same time, there's no high-leverage/low-percentage strats to stress over, either. A well-balanced run, start to finish.

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I run Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict on Xbox (Backwards compatible) I’m the only active runner and I put in about 7-15 hours a week. It’s a 3D arena shooter with 1st or 3rd person perspective with pretty heavy platforming and melee. Adrenaline powers to use 2x speed or low gravity to clear gaps( or heal, siphon, teleport) all kinds of stuff. Kinda like overwatch but in 2005. I’m beating the “epic” times for each level (made by epic games), I don’t believe a real person made those times in play testing, but I’m gonna beat them anyway short vid that shows the basics

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ive been running this for over a year, nobody else has done a run

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Oh, I guess I should post mine here. Mine is Cell Defense been speedrunning the category Build a Membrane for around 5 hours a week. It might seem like a joke game but I have had a lot of fun running it and don’t plan to stop!

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I put a lot of time into a game called Frog Bath which is a 90% luck 10% skill kind of game. I have thousands of resets in that game and most of them were before the 3 second mark. Why? I thought it would be funny.

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Rally Trophy is a rally simulator from 2001 (its 20th birthday is in november 🙂 ) and its really fun to play and the cars just feels right. the multiplayer is really fun too and we have a small community for that too 😃 the game speedrunwise has like 4 different runners accross the many categories.

fun history: the game had a very active modding and time trialing scene in 2001-2003~ and you can find some dead rally trophy fan sites and time trial boards accross the internet and wayback machine. and with the modding scene there are couple fan made programs to do cool stuff.

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My really stupid small game is
"elaOP vs AYAYA in Space XD"
There is a giant amount of RNG required and I've been distracted with work and other games so I haven't run it for some times. Very little time spent actually making PBs compared to others here, still a couple hours.

But I do love it

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Basically everything I run, aside from FFCC... and even then it's not a particularly active game.

I'm attracted to the community aspect of speedrunning, and the bigger games just have this crowded vibe to 'em. Manages to wrap around from being a community to hardly being one at all.

So I stick to the smaller games and hope they build up a small community, even if it is only one other person. When it happens, it's pretty good.

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World's smallest pacman is quite literally the smallest game I've seen. The screen size for the game is 8 pixels by 8 pixels I believe, so it's essentially a blind run when you do attempts.

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I ran @Merl_Merl_ 's recommendation

worth it for the music alone tbh

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The one game I mod that I wish had more runners is this game:

It’s got a surprisingly good soundtrack, and the gameplay isn’t too horrible either.


"gameplay isn't too horrible" - Jack 2021

You definitely sold the game with this line jack

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So THAT'S why nobody runs any game I moderate. They all suck. I actually do like that game a bit, so feel free to sue me.