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Does anyone have a good link or set up for doing a timer for a console game, i have an elgato recording system that i use though a laptop for when i do record for console games, but i don't know on how to capture a timer with it, and I am also unsure as to how it is seen timing it post game play (unedited video of course).

I primary would like to know since I just got Comic jumper up on the side and now a Mod for it, I'd like to know for starting guidelines for it and to get an Any % on their to get some thing started on it.

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uploading a run without having a timer on-screen is fine (at least in my books).

There are multiple ways to approach timing with console games (tbh it's the same as PC games except there's no way to get an autosplitter)
Inhouse products like the elgato software or avermedia's RECentral don't offer any way to alter the videofeed.

1. Time by Framecounting
-Doesn't require a timer on-screen
-You can use the program of the capture card
-Is tedious
-is the most accurate

2. Overlay a timer like LiveSplit with a streaming program
-Needs more cpu-power than letting the capture card encode

3. Overlay a timer in with a video-editor like Sony Vegas
-Needs more time (reencoding the video)

4. (If given) Just use the on-screen streaming time of the console + math
-Works on PS4 (dunno about about XBone)

5. Don't overlay the timer
-easiest & most lazy approach

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I mean, frame counting is as easy as simply dropping the video file into an editing program (lot of free alternatives that are very good) and grabbing two timestamps which will give you the exact length to the millisecond.

Everything else, such as double checking, is the job of the moderators of the game.

Also, you're better off using something like Amarec or Bandicam to encode capture card video. A lot of the time the included software is high quality but isn't suitable for speedruns because it's pretty unreliable.

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1. Time by Framecounting
-is the most accurate

Actually, it really isn't. I've re-timed a good number of recordings to find the encoding was poor and didn't match up with LiveSplit by as much as 10 seconds. LiveSplit being captured helps with the integrity of a recording.

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Thanks for the input, I'll try to do the timer overlay after the fact with the video editor, the laptop I use for the recording doesn't have that good of CPU to run 2 different things on it that I'm aware of. and the game is on the Xbox 360/one only.

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That's cause people rely on software like OBS to handle their recordings. OBS isn't lossless, which means video will be lost. Sadly OBS is the most convenient way to capture and stream obviously so the majority use that.

In terms of lossless video though, framecounting is the most accurate way. Livesplit has drift/desync issues. It doesn't happen for everyone, however. I've seen runs clock in at several seconds below what they should've been by going off what Livesplit's reading was. As in, it artificially saved them time.

Obviously this doesn't help with the encode issues. A start would probably be people stopping using OBS to encode their recordings. Though since it's most convenient that's not gonna happen.


ive been wanting to start speedrunning but idk if i have to show the splits or show the timer for the speedrun to qulify into the scoreboards


OK first, please don't post questions in very old threads like this. Post a new one.
Second, check the rules for whatever leaderboard you want to submit runs to. 99% of the time splits/timer are not necessary but there are exceptions.

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