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Everyone knows that the best speedrun game is Kirbo.

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What was the original post; it appears I was late yet again :'(


@RaggedDanRaggedDan A video from the OP, listing what games he thinks are best for new speedrunners.

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Anyone still got the link to the video?

- Never mind I found the vid in his yt channel


I don't know why I deleted it, I guess I just didn't want people to get the wrong impression. My goal with the video was to reach new speedrunners in a click baity way and then talk about a few speedruns that I like. However, I agree with what Matse007 said at the top of the forum, there's no best speedgame period. The last portion of the video is me talking about this fact, mentioning that everything I said before was just for fun, and that truly the best speedgame for you to play is a game that you love. At the end I say "There's no optimal way to get into speedrunning, it's all about having fun". I hoped to get this message across by getting people to click through my title and thumbnail, then showing them the opposite during the video, but it seems like most people didn't get that far in the video to hear my true message. Lesson learned, I'll do better next time, I hope any of you who care can still find some entertainment out of the video.


It's a pretty entertaining and well produced video and I did watch till the end. Good job @GarrettGarrett