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I personally think that movies creat some of the most entertaing games. Especially when it comes to Speedrunning. I would highly recommend checking out some of them to speed run.

Flushed Away: I run this an I'm looking for more people to run this game (please...)?

Madagascar: This game has one of my favorite OoB mechanics. Out of bounds there is very little ground, so you fall.... but there's a catch... no mater where you are in the level it places you at the very beginning of the level only some weird stuff can happen sometimes.

Robots: Despite the bad jumping I think this would be a very fun game to run if your'e patient.

Rio for the DS: Kappa, it's an on rail rhythm based game.

What are your opinion of games based on movies of TV shows?


Personnaly, i think movie games are kinda "random".
Sometimes, it's garbage, but sometimes, it's great and innovative.

I think it really depends on who's doing the movie game, and what has been asked for the game by the producers / whoever it is.

Still, in general, imo they're mostly bad or barely decent. I mean, sure some of them aren't THAT bad, but they're not innovative either in any way, they're games... simplistic games.

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