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Hi, I'm looking for more obscure games that need more people to run them. I'm open to most types of games (excluding fighting games) as long as they can be played on pc (whether native or via emulator) and that they tend to run under 30 minutes. Thanks to everyone checking out this post and suggesting hope to see some of you soon!

(edited: ) takes just over 30 minutes on Any%, you should totally run it 😛

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A little bit over 30 min, but should still be fine I think.


There's quite a few DS games that you can run on emulator that are short.
Zhu Zhu pets series lacks but still has competition
PowerPuff Girls series
Any cooking mama besides the original and the 2nd one

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Alfred Chicken is a fun platformer for the NES, basically has two moves (down, and jump), runs are less than half an hour, only 6 runners (only 2 since 2016!!!)

I'll be putting up a run once I've practised some more and I'm enjoying it so far:


Sayonara Umihara Kawase -
Hooking physics-based platformer with tons of levels and multiple endings to choose from. Very simple to learn, but hard to master. Also incredibly satisfying once you learn to get good at the movement!

Prepare for RNG hell.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an action adventure horror beat em up. I've been the only runner for it for a few years. And I'm the only one who's ever Speedrun it. I really want some competition.

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You can sort the games by number of active runners


@Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett I always feel bad because I enjoyed that game, but I do not have time to speedrun it. You've put a lot of work into it and I'm always impressed.

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Lilo & Stitch for the GBA is still in desperate need of runners. It's a surprisingly fun and difficult run n' gun, has a glitch that skips a level, and a TAS-only glitch that needs more research to determine if it's possible for a human. Even if you're not a fan of the movie, it's still a good video game.


You can always play
It has some easy categories which are around 2~5 mins and some longer ones, it can be played on an emulator and it's more fun than it might seem. It's more complicated then it might seem too.

There are only 3 runners and it was added a few weeks ago

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I moderate and run two games based on a German children's franchise about a teenage witch, one is a horse riding game (I'm currently the only runner) and the other is a Mario Kart clone with witches on brooms (currently 3 runners). We'd love to have some company.

Horse riding game:

Mario Kart clone:

Both games are pretty trashy (in a fun way if you like those kind of games), easy to learn (in my opinion) and beating my World Records shouldn't be too hard either with a bit of practice.

Good luck, have fun.


IF you play minecraft, CubeCraft is a great server that has awesome parkour, but very few runners


you should try "La Rana" free short game on steam the 100% glitchless 3th place is still free


Catastrophe Crow and Boodunnit?! Are really good

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Pretty much all the games i have ran but of all of them Castleween / Spirits & Spells is the best one and the easiest to get into.
This is a really good game and a short run too, even 100% runs are short.
So far im the only one who has run this game, and its a shame because its very fun.
There's a Discord for this and its console version but only has 5 members (including me) and its pretty inactive

A small game with only 3 runners. The game takes about 5 minutes total, and there are also IL categories.

Please don't get mad at me for advertising, this is what the thread is for