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tell me... mine is a 7 minute run in Robbery Madness: Stealth Thief. I don’t do long runs because I do most of my Speedruns on my phone.


4 hour long semi-blind hot wheels run... lol. Never doing that again. I'm not a long run kinda guy

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this run
90 minutes
only did it so that i could do the first run for that category

the main reason it took so long is not because the run is 90 minutes, but because it's hard and i just messed up a lot
i've lowered my time down to half of what my original pb was now

i also am a fan of shorter runs, long runs frustrate me. i hate playing through mistakes and am never happy with the end result of a run if it has poor execution in it. for long runs, consistency is more important than speed, and that makes them not fun for me. some people like @WalgreyWalgrey and @oo.d.w. like long runs though, different people have different tastes

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i learned oot hundo in 2018, did one run attempt that was 17 hours long and i gave up

and i thought there was already a thread like this somewhere 😛

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Longest I've done so far is Monster Hunter Tri Wii, stopping at Hunting Lagiacrus. Took me five and a half action filled hours.

I'm presently working on two games that might beat that though.

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Originally posted by SioNand i thought there was already a thread like this somewhere
There have been at least a couple (a much older thread is linked in that one). There's also been some threads about the longest run on the site.

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I did a 100% run of a ROM hack named "Star Road" that was 4 1/2 hours long. I also did a 100% speedrun of the original Mario 64 which took me 4 hours as well. I plan on improving both of those times as well as doing longer categories in the future.

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the longest run i've ever done was a glitchless run of Half Life 2 and my 1st run took me 7:49:14 to complete. Mainly because the game was super hard for me to navigate through. There's no sense of direction in that game at all

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My longest run was of Sticky Ninja Missions. The run was an hour and a half long. It’s honestly my worst speedrun yet. I died a shit load. The game lagged hard, but I persisted on completing the run and I did. A few months later, I improved the run by exactly an hour.


Fossil Fighters: Champions Any%. The run is approximately 4 hours long. The current WR is 3 hours, 32 minutes in-game time, but the IGT calculator is broken in this game. It's a very RNG dependent run, trust me, and there are absolutely zero discovered skips to speed up the run.

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My longest one was Last Ranker (PSP). I didn't finish it because I was severely tired by the time I was 5 hours in the run, then I just dropped it.

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Did a 100% run of Nintendo Land. It took 18 hours.

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My first ever run of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was about 11 hours because of dying a lot to bosses in Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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Full halo series run, took around 10 hours

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1 hour 28 minutes.

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36 Minute Dr Mario World World 1 Run

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my longest was a true ending any% on get a snack at 4 am, took 33 minutes
not really into longer runs because I don't have the endurance (which I desperately need to improve) or time (parents are demanding y'know) for that, probably like 20 to 25ish minutes is the longest I can put up with, 30-40ish for easier games like get a snack