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I've made a Discord bot that allows you to get information from, such as WRs and PBs.

Information is available here:

If you encounter any issues, check the help/site, then report on the GitHub rather than here if that doesn't help.

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Messed around with it for a little bit, biggest problem right now is that 90% of the commands I've tried giving it are seemingly just ignored for no apparent reason. Really hard to tell if I'm doing something wrong, or it's just taking a really long time to process, or the bot is broken, or it's just not getting the commands, etc. As far as I can tell a few of the possible commands are completely broken (specifically, !src game;category and !src game;category|sub-category). I've reported those on GitHub.

Edit: That got fixed super quickly. Haven't had a problem with it since.

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Saw the issue, and it was me copying an old query by accident (already fixed it). Should be good now. Thanks!

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I added a command to find all sub-categories for a category (since it's different for some categories in a game, like alttp), and added a spot on the site where I can put the most recent updates I make.

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@dadinfinitum Nice job on this bot. Is there a way for me on how to let this bot post approved runs on in a seperate channel automatically in a small embed box format containing runner, category and time for example?


Awesome bot, just tested it with some really weird games such as "¿Cuántas Brujas?" and it worked great nontheless!
I will try it out some more, thanks for sharing.


Been a hot minute, but I've implemented a useful feature: the ability to search for category (and sub-category) rules. Simply add a ? to the end of the (sub-)category.

Info here: https:/​/​slashinfty.​github.​io/​srcom-bot/​

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