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I was curious about what steps I would need to take to become a moderator for a certain game.


1. Contact the super moderator(s) of the game (via Twitch, Twitter, or the game's forums) and ask if they want any help.
2a. If they say yes, then they'll add you.
2b. If they say no, then there's nothing more you can do unless you think the leaderboards are being mishandled.
2c. If they don't answer, or you think the leaderboards are being mishandled, use the thread PackSciences linked.

edit: Also remember that if you just want a category added, or a rule changed etc., contact the mod(s) of the game and ask for it.

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3. If the game does not exist yet in our database, request the game and you will be automatically set as moderator for the requested game.

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i have tried to use the link packsciences linked but the thread is locked and i cant make a request to become a mod for a game that has an existing leaderboard. im only requesting to become a mod because the game that im requesting i run all the time and havnt been able to get my run approved after weeks of trying to get ahold of the mod of all their social medias. the game is called brothers in arms road to hill 30 and is a game im very passionate about and i would love to become a mod for the game and take time to approve runs and manage the community that runs that game. but i havnt been able to get the mod to respond to me since they are the only mod and the link above is locked and no longer able to use the thread. so if there is any way someone on here can give me a new link that is usuable or a speedrun administrator sees this and is able to give me mod on the game that i listed that would be great. thank you for your time.


I don't know how you found this thread and not the correct one but use this new request thread, which was easily found in the site section.
But also, the mod was on a week ago and has 4 methods of contact in their profile, plus the ability to DM them on the site so I question the difficulty of contacting them.