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in this run in chapter 5 not collecting all shards
is this ingame situation or video edit?


You'll have more luck asking this question on the game's forum page.


Ok guys I'm needing some help...I just had a speed run time of 19:51:38 on ninja gaiden nes...that puts me at 128th place...kinda...I have no way to upload a video of this...I'm playing on the Nintendo entertainment system original...any ideas of how to upload vids? Thanks

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If you have your video done in a format video (mpg, mp4, flv) you should use a recording software to do that stuff. An interesting suggestion is using OBS to record that run. Then you must have an account like Youtube, in Youtube you can upload/store videos, your local videos, so the run of Ninja Gaiden you got is perfect to be uploaded in Youtube. Then you gotta submit the video (not upload) to the leaderboard of Ninja Gaiden NES, giving all the information that is required for the verification of your run: submit the video in the category Any%, add the run, writing your username in Speedrun dot com, also giving the time you got in the run (by gaining control when Ryu Hayabusa appears, and when the screen fades to black at the end of the run, ending the game).

Give the information of the region USA, Japan, Euro... the info of the platform (NES, NES emu if your run was done thru emulator, if not by original hardware just NES, and the most important info of the submission, you must attach/put an external link, video link of your run uploaded in Youtube, and after that, click the "Submit" box at the bottom of the page. The run must be verified soon enough, and you will give a notification if it is verified or rejected, the verification could have some modification/edition giving the exact time of your run, @Mud_king35Mud_king35