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@firelitrfirelitr I don't speedrun the game, and my memory of my casual playthrough from years ago is cloudy.
But allow me to raise some counter-evidence:

- You can clearly see the difficulty select at the start of all runs. This is one of the submission rules.
- You say that enemies can't die in 1 hit in hard mode. Ever heard of combo moves?
I don't know what the top runners are doing exactly in terms of inputs, but it's clearly working, just by looking on the fight at the start.
- You say that the top runs in hard and easy difficulties (in this case, for the PS3) differ by only 15 seconds, and that counts as "evidence".
Well, it can mean at least two other things: either the runs don't really differ even with extra difficulty, or the run in easy difficulty is not optimized.

Lets take Speed.Gunner runs for comparison, with a difference of 21 seconds:
- Their last easy difficulty run was in November 2019, and their livesplit says 94 total attempts.
- Their last hard difficulty run was just 2 days ago, and their livesplit says 1145 total attempts.
Clearly much more effort was put in the hard difficulty run, and optimizing it. The easy difficulty run probably used outdated strats or routes, dunno.

By looking on the runs directly side-by-side (I only watched the first 5 minutes, but that was enough):

You can see that the fights in the hard difficulty are indeed longer than the easy difficulty. I'm not gonna watch the whole thing, but clearly the hard difficulty run makes up for this "lost time" elsewhere.

If this runner decides to run the easy difficulty once again, who knows how much faster it would be with current knowledge of the game.

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I hope we get an apology from this guy when every God of War runner explains how their speedruns work

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also shoutouts to @99

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Originally posted by Danger_
also shoutouts to @99


The MCBE squad

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Originally posted by firelitr
I am unfamiliar with what "fair" is meaning. Meaning sarcasm in that I challenged validity without video proof? Or actually fair that I am calling something into question that has merit?

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@11 "Fair Edition" LOL

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Gotta feeling this isn't gonna end well for OP. You don't just grab the loudspeaker and start yelling about things with zero video evidence/proof of your accusations; especially before you've even reached out to that game mod/runner of the game. You're implicating and demanding the BANNING of people you've never met over a subjective opinion you personally share (with no direct evidence). Seriously sleazy move.

If you're wrong (and you're probably wrong), you better man up and eat your crow.

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god of war speedrunners are racist im pretty sure they are

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Your original post offers no clarification whatsoever, you should've recorded footage before making the claim if anything.

I don't know anything about GoW but looking at their videos and other walkthroughs of God Mode on YouTube, the beginning looks exactly the same enemy HP wise, and this is why you needed to be more specific.

As far as people calling out cheaters with no video proof already, I can't help but remember the dude who called out a Star Ocean 3 runner for cheating because a cutscene played out as normal: lol

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It's funny when one comes out and accuses others of cheating without the proper research. Now i personally don't know anything about God of War, but what i do know is that there must be a reason for the small time differences between the difficulties. Just like Oreo said, Hard Difficulty runs have been speedrun more and have gotten more optimized over the years. Now before going around accusing of others of cheating, chat with the specific speedrun community, ask them how the game works and why the runs and their times are the way they are, and learn more about the game. Honestly drama sucks, so please do more proper research before accusing others of cheating, especially without showing any proof to begin with!

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what @ThanksdudeThanksdude said

since i made my own version of that crap!

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to be fair, idk if we're ever going to hear from OP again

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Don't worry, just takes some time to record the proof videos 😃


Nah he's miles from here with his tail between his legs by now (go ahead, surprise me OP) @WalgreyWalgrey


It's been a couple days 🙂


Starting to doubt the resolve of OP...