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Anyone have a good free pc game to speedrun, so i can get them wr's

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  GO_G_GAMEGO_G_GAME Minecaves is fun you should try it


cave story

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I could recommend a free RPG horror game if you like, but Ib and The Witch's House (original version) is a nice game for speedruns, but you'd better run the games you're interested in.

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Yep, like what @TegronTegron said, you need to run games that you're interested in. You'll find it's easier to speed run games you're really invested in. As for games reco, you can try Quake.

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  [user deleted]

Idea: don’t repeat things that have already been said, especially if it’s going out of your way to be a month late to the punch.

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frozen double trouble


stop promoting your game to every thread that has "need games" in the title. Use the advertisement thread.

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