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There's a credit warp yet to be figured out for

I have a bounty for it at $50 if you figure out a way to realistically pull it off. @Lucha_GymLucha_Gym can you link the footage of it?


Now you know that deleting the initial post won't delete the entire thread.

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The glitch itself is near the end of the video sort of. But the whole run itself might be significant

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And lucha, that’s a very , VERY interesting glitch!! I’ll be sure to get on it ASAP and see what I can find. @Lucha_GymLucha_Gym @xenkaroshi


@Lucha_GymLucha_Gym , I added you on discord so we can discuss further, I'm getting on it right now.


Lucha_Gym xenkaroshi I attempted to replicate this glitch for several hours, and here are my findings:

>Pausing while an enemy is taking damage / hyde is taking damage makes the game act strange
> Sprites will temporarily mess up if the (i dont know the names of the things, so i am making them up) goblin baby ?? transforms into an adult creature while the other thing stands there, if you kill the goblin mid transform that might be a viable approach to fully replicating this glitch. other than this I think it might just be an error with the cartridge tbh.

Also: If you pause and unpause repeatedly before dying, you can avoid death as long as you dont take more damage and dont stay unpaused for longer than 1-2 seconds.

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Oh sorry turtle bias, didnt know it was you trying to add me on discord due to no mutual servers. My theory on this wrong warp type glitch was me turning back into jekyll at the same frame i got hit by the fireball. Then when I transformed back to hyde later it activated

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