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hi guys i just signup to try speedruning the long drive but there is no category for it yet - can some body make a category for it ?
like 2% - 100KM - random seed
the 100% of this game is reaching 5000KM so 100KM would be 2%


This is the general forum. I don’t know anything about the game you’re talking about. Ask in that game’s forum.

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"The Long Drive" is a game that was just accepted to the site 10 days ago.


can some body make a category for it?

Only the game moderator can make categories for the game, no one else here can do it.
You can contact the moderator directly, or ask in the game forums.

Also, if the game moderator won't create categories in the next few days, the game will be automatically deleted... So the moderator really needs to get to work.

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I know this is a bump (I forgot to check it before).
But apparently the game was deleted for no set categories, at the end.
Good job, game moderator.

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