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The first game I ran was Mario 1 in 5 something... Then SMW in 14 something because at the time orbing was the thing I could not do.. Now I'm running Ducktales Remastered.. i'm working on the mines glitch... I can sub 40 .. but the wr I believe is 31:11.. so I am a noob.. lol.. Do you guys recommend any really fun playable games for a noob like myself to run? Don't throw anything like tomb raider 2 at me... if u can even BEAT that game I think ur amazing... Like Felix the Cat for NES is really fun I just don't have a copy right now... Games like that... ????? plzzz brothers.. help me runnnn speeeeedd... If anyone wants to talk about Ducktales.. we should do that as well.. God Bless.


Hi ! I started running from a week or so because of a youtuber and a streamer inviting viewers to join on a easy game with various elements of classic speedruns : routing, rng, skips, ... The name is Steamworld Dig, it still should be on a bundle and discount for a few days if you don't own it yet, it's really nice, not too hard but still challenging, perfect starter. Check for Twyn_o tutorial (a bit outdated, for more recent strategies check best times videos). I don't know the forum rules, if needed and allowed I'll link whatever material I know of.

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bundle with the game :

swd alone and discount :

Twyn_o tutorial : page :


I would run whatever games come most natural to you. Cheers.


I recommend picking something from your childhood, some game you used to play as a kid. Alternatively, you could run games that literally nobody else runs, like I did.


Jackal NES is pretty short, easy and fun game speedrun casually. Shadow of the ninja NES is also pretty easy game casual speedrunning. And yeah Duck Tales NES series are easy games too.

WR runs is not are easy to beat, but some casual is pretty fun.


You should run any game you enjoy. It doesn't matter if you're terrible at the game, you'll learn as you play. If no one else runs the game, who cares! Speedrunning is a hobby. If you've already learnt and ran a few games, you can head over to the many available speedrun streams and look for games that interest you.

As for games specifically, That might be tough to suggest. I'm seeing a lot of platform games so lets stick with that:

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
Super Mario All Stars
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Super Castlevania 4

Now there are a lot of people who run Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Megaman series because they are good speed games. ALttP is something I would suggest for people that want to get into the idea of speedruns. Some tech to learn, somewhat easy to remember, and it's fun.

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You can try Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.


Barney´s Hide and Seek game is a pretty easy game, and if any% and no-controller% are too boring for you, you can still waste some time and learn the 100% route.

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The touhou games are easy for a speedrun. You need little skill ti beat the mode "Easy" in every Touhou game. Download the games here:

Another easy game is Kirby and the epic yarn for the Nintendo Wii. ^^

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Home Alone for the NES is not only one of the easiest games in the world to speedrun, but is also the easiest game to get a world record on (there are literally over a hundred speedrunners who are tied with first on this site, of various skill levels).
Bear in mind getting that WR is kind of a joke, but it's still a fun little achievement and introduces you to the idea of using glitches, game knowledge, a little bit of luck, and good timing in order to go fast.

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It was only after I hit post when I noticed just how old the posts were and by then, there wasn't much I could really do.
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