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The purpose of this thread is to help speed runners with the "physics" of this game. The "physics" makes a huge difference in terms of speed running this game.

In Physics, there are 3 things:
1) Gravity (the less gravity, the higher you fly and the more gravity, you fall)
2) Jump (increases your height and distance on jumping blocks)
3) Size (the SMALLER the sizes, the more you can move through small holes, the BIGGER the sizes, the less you can move through small holes.)

Currently, I have found some shortcuts and solution on speed running this game as fast as possible. In addition, I have also gotten lots of ranked 1st position or World Records in most of the levels in Speed Run 2.

G: Gravity J: Jump S: Size

(A big thanks to Th3on3C for the new physics being found in helping speed running this game).

Level 1: 10G 3J 10S
Level 2: 10G 7J 10S
Level 3: 6G 8J 1S
Level 4: 10G 3J 10S or 10G 4J 10S
Level 5: 10G 10J 1S
Level 6: 3G 10J 1S
Level 7: 7G 10J 1S
Level 8: 10G 10J 1S
Level 9: 6G 10J 1S
Level 10: 1G 10J 10S
Level 11: 8G 10J 2S
Level 12: 10G 10J 1S
Level 13: 4G 10J 1S
Level 14: 1G 10J 1S
Level 15: 1G 10J 1S
Level 16: 2G 10J 1S
Level 17: 3G 10J 1S
Level 18: 4G 10J 1S
Level 19: 4G 10J 2S
Level 20: 1G 10J 1S
Level 21: 1G 10J 1S
Level 22: 10G 8J 5S
Level 23: 10G 10J 1S
Level 24: 1G 10J 1S
Level 25: 1G 10J 1S
Level 26: 5G 10J 5S
Level 27: 1G 10J 1S
Level 28: 3G 10J 1S
Level 29: 10G 10J 1S
Level 30: 5G 10J 1S
Level 31: 1G 10J 1S
Level 32: 4G 10J 1S
Level 33: 10G 10J 1S
Level 34: 1G 10J 1S
Level 35: 10G 10J 1S
Level 36: 1G 10J 1S
Level 37: 1G 10J 1S
Level 38: 5G 10J 1S
Level 39: 1G 10J 1S
Level 40: 10G 10J 1S

For Full-Game Worlds Runs:
- World 1: 10G 10J 1S (Throughout All Levels of World 1)
- World 2:
- World 3:
- World 4:

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(Updated: Most of the world records have been broken by @Th3on3C therefore most of the physics here might be inaccurate and it will be updated soon.)

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