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Hi guys, I currently begin to work on speed run 2. First of all, I solved the glitch about frames... It was a stupid error, but I never saw it before all of you break the game haha
Nevermind, now it's solved. I have few new idea, especially about physics and online gaming. I think the design will stay more or less the same, except that I added more frames on animations so it's smoother. I am going to work on controls too.
I come to you to know if you have ideas to suggest to me. What do you want to see in Speed Run 2? Which new features would you like to see? Do not hesitate, the more ideas, the more fun the game will be! 🙂

Thanks for your help guys !

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Wow, great news Gangscred!

The lag issue was the big one so I'm really glad that's fixed. As for other suggestions, I would keep the same simplistic spirit and resist any urge to add in too many new features, aesthetics or functionality.

A really small point was that in the full game run I found it easy to mistakenly exit to menu after finishing a level and would then struggle to find out where I had got to in the run. However, as most runners here just do the ILs and not full game, I do not think that is a big issue.

Also, weird request, but I would prefer it if the sequel is not too big, i.e. not more than the same number of levels and fairly short levels again. I think most of the fun is in fully optimising the levels with lots of competition for each level, and the longer and more numerous the levels are, the less competition there will be in each level. That is just my personal preference though.

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I agree with what drgrumble said about mistakenly exiting to menu. It can be very frustrating. Although what he said about not any more levels.. I agree with him, but at the same time I don't. I think he's right though, if there's too many levels, it won't be as good. Goodluck in making it, can't wait 😃

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Thanks for your reviews, it will be really helpfull 🙂 The game will be ready in november, stay stuned 🙂

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@gangscred Amazing news and work for Speed Run 2, now I am back on speed running 😃
So, should there be still 2 categories of Any% and glitchless?

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I hope no haha, I try to resolve all bugs. I solved bug at beginning, frame glitch, I improved collision detection and some other things. I work hard on that and I hope Speed Run 2 will not be broken due to glitches like Speed Run 1.
I also work on game physics to make it more understandable.
And, I add some nice features on Settings, but I leave you the surprise 😉

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That's really cool! Definitely running this game if the lag issue is fixed, which is the only reason I don't run 1. Good luck!

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Gangscred told me that it is going to be released on November, he also gave me some sneak peeks of screenshots.


Oh, that reminds me- have you fixed the glitch where the game sometimes loads the wrong textures for the platforms?

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Just gotta wait for a series page and then a speed run 2 page i guess.
Also, unlucky that the game came out when it did, it means unfortunately i cannot play it any time soon.
Merci Gangscred!

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