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This is partially me trying to get some activity in the forums for you guys

What character is best for certain runs in your opinion? Like Lily for tutorial%, or do you think it matters at all? Im really just curious


I don't really think it matters that much personally, though we don't nearly have enough runs to test everything and most of the runners who DO run this game, come in, do a few runs and never touch the thing again so... I doubt anyone's going to change that anytime soon. ^^;

Hell, I should get back into running the thing one of these days.


Ah, I see. I'm planning to do a run son when my computer starting being a bit nicer to me

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If you want my opinion, here it is:
Haru is the best at leveling up and is the fastest character you can clear Rucco in a normal NG with
Erwin is the best damage dealer when it comes to speedruns because he does area damage and most importantly, the more Atk Spd, the more he attacks, unlike the others which just speed the animation up
Lily is for AoE and damage
Jin is useless, like Stella, no offense at all but they do not deal well enough damage for High Level raids and speedruns