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Hey fellow SotN speedrunners 🙂 I have been speedrunning this game for a few weeks now and I think its time for me to start recording the gameplay to submit. I use OBS to record my gameplay, although this causes some in game lag which causes me to lose time and it makes the run undesirable to watch. I do not have problems with recording any other games? This just happens with the ePSXe Emulator. Is there a way to fix this? I have no clue on how to fix this. I know my computer is capable of recording this and playing the game, I mean come on lol. Also are we allowed to run this game on PS2? Thank you 🙂


we recommend to run this game on psxjin emulator, and yes you can run this game on PS2

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Some PS2 models have one specific issues where they freeze up, but other than that PS2 version runs really well, almost as fast as emulator. If you use emu it is recommended to use psxjin, if you cant do that either bizhawk or a recent epsxe (even though thats still not recommended because of bad displaced rendering affecting how some trick positions look). That said psxjin and bizhawk can also lag sometimes. Try to reduce your browser usage while streaming/recording. If possible move the browser off of your main monitor and don't have any video players loaded (twitch/yt/etc).


Sweet thanks a lot! I will try out the other emus 🙂