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The version of SOTN in Requiem, the new PS4 release, is pretty much an emulated PAL SOTN from the Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP. It is not the original game, thus categories are separate for it. Additionally it is different and separate from the NTSC version of DXC. The game itself is not a very good port, sound can be messed up and color representation is poor. The lines were rewritten and voice acting was redone.

Currently there is no category for it here, but we will add it if it becomes active.

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For anybody that is interested in running the version here is an example run of Alucard Any% by Romscout:

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I have a question about spell casting, I have the input map for each spell, but doing them is kinda tricky. CarcinogenSDA gave me an advice to ask here about tips of spell casting, isn`t there a video guide with hands or timings (i looked on youtube, but there`s none), because I can cast with 100% basic spirit and sometimes hellfire. Thank you!


You don't actually need to have the spell scrolls from the shop in order to cast them. The game is pretty strict when it comes to inputs, if it says it wants →↘↓↙← then you have to hit every direction including diagonals. My tip would be to slow down and do the input slowly and deliberately, because you don't need to do them very quickly.