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Wow, a lot of stuff here. Well, explain all this without a live video tutorial will be useless and I'd spend a lifetime typing in English.
- Yes, I know what RTA is, but we already talk about this. I can't prove, yet.
- After we do some kind of Shift (Neutron Bomb in this case), we can do any moviment. Just do not go close to the scroll thing or the Glitch will be undone. A examplo: When we use the Shift at Black Marble Gallery, we can use Backdash + Shiled/shield dashing or Backdash + Buffalo Star to go to the Save Point without any trouble. The same goes for the Save Shift Line and Reverse form on PSP versions.
- Fire Boomerang Glitch it's just too hard, but since I play on keyboard too, I can press the buttons fast. It's useless, after I made that 200.7% video. Go up with Double Jumps and Bat and using Wing Smashes, will be better.
- When we go left or right on keyboard holding one of those buttons and pressing the other, Alucard just turn fast without turning his body. Like that, we can use the Toadstool Trick (need more explanation). We can also make the Wolf run by holding the opposite button after it stats running. This will help us to use its big jump so, it's the same thing.
Of course we can do those commands on control, but for me, it's better on a keyboard.

"Catacombs wolf clip (hardest wolf clip in the game)" I don't thing so. That floor is good to jump. Now, that stairs for Skip Scylla and Skip that Purple Save to Nightmare at Undergroud Caverns, is the worst. The stairs is down, we need use the scenery when things go too fast. Scenery go on low speed so, it's better get a point on it than look at character. Everytime I use Wolf Glitch Charge, scenery it's the key for long ways and another things too. Scenery helps in several games.
Into the water (same area), we do not need to jump because the floor already do this for us. Just need to back to normal.

Press Start before kills Dracula was to show the Game Time because I did not know when start the Real Time before this site.
GT Starts just before 3 seconds from Konami's intro then, it stops at 3. When game's title show up, GT starts again at 4 seconds and goes on. When we stats a game, GT reset and stops at 3 seconds for the CG then, stats at 4 on Now Loading screen. On Replay Mode when we press Start to cut the intro, GT Stats after Now Loading fade out and you guys Starts RT after we can control Richter. That's why my videos was only with GT because this.
So, with Buffalo Star + SW Cross (special) Normal Mode, Dracula will use 3 attacks before it dies (depending on the speed you attacks, of course).Then, just press Start after that happens.
With Alucard Shield spell/Gold Shield, Dracula'll take at least 40 to 43 attacks before dies. On my 200.7% video, I decreases the Hearts by 106 then, after 136, it will die. On my All Bosses video, I decreases the Hearts by 120 then, after 140 + one of its attacks, it will die.
Each hit it is equivalent a one Heart so, just keep jumpimg, holding shield and look at the Hearts number.
It's just calculations, you know? I write everything before start something: How many attacks, how many WS in such room, how many Backdashes in close enemies, R1, 2x↑, X = 1 Manna Prims, 2xR1, 2x↓, →, X = 2 Buffalo Star...
Just put those things on my mind and shits happens.

The another, it's useless to explain like that and besides you said: "it would take a lot to convince me that your runs are single segment real time attacks." But I thank you for say that: " No my friend, you may be a great glitch hunter and know a shitton about sotn". Coming from a great player like you from another country, it is nice!
Thank you for your time and let's keep playing this classic, all of us!


I know how the fucking game works, don't explain shit to me... I'm getting way too pissed off by this, I have better things to do. If anybody else cares they can deal with it.


I suppose I will briefly weigh in on this. I do think it is very possible there are talented SotN runners outside of the US and Japan. I fully feel that it is possible someone could become extremely good at the game with only interaction with a certain community of local players. It is even possible someone with high talent could be out there without the ability to interact internationally (Keyn_Naka comes to mind).

That being said, while I do feel it is possible Tamison could be extremely good at this game, I do share some reservations about the videos listed. First try skips (even without map buffering) are possible to show in a RTA video, Rom and DB have done as much on a few of their videos. I am more at odds with the discrepancy of strategy difficulty.

Certain sections of the videos use strategies that seem poor compared to the skill needed to do others. The decisions made for strategies seem odd as well at times. They are not clearly slower or faster, just very odd when compared to the RTA community we are aware of. It is like if someone could run very fast in a 100m dash, but then decided to jump straight up mid race for some reason.

To put it more simply, it is possible Tamison could be very, very good. Without additional evidence (streaming being the best solution) or some trusted individuals coming forward in the community to vouch for their abilities, I still have my doubts about the videos. I would like to believe the talent is there, but I can not officially support it.

I wish the best of luck to Tamison for now. I hope he continues to play and interact with the global community. I also look forward to a time when he might be able to stream or find some other way to validate his statements and hard work for this leaderboard.

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@TalicZealot Take it easy man, we are just talk here. You put a lot of things before and I just answered you some of them. Of course you know how the game works, I just explain you how I do. Not was what you wanted?
I'm not trying to put my videos here if that's what you're thinking, I already say that to SakuraFreak. This was just a conversation, but will not happen anymore.

@Turbodog702 Thanks for your consideration! You're right, I just need make live videos to show that. I'm not doing this for competition of something like that, I play SotN and all games I like for fun and love for them so, I want to show what I learned with a lot of players that shows their skills for the world.
I got all my experience with jackobones, paulo1179, Glitch Hunter, thiaguin and some more Brazilian players and thanks to these guys, we can make those Speedruns with some Glitches that they found it for SotN & NitM PS/PSP versions and NitM Saturn version. I got these with all I see from USA and Japan and other players from other countries to make videos like you Turbodog702, who has a full channel of tutorials. You and romscout played alongside IGA the best thing we can have so, how I could realize a dream like that being a liar? And Also, I have to thank nathan7878 for his ACE tutorials.

I also wish the best of luck for you guys and your projects on games and on life!
And I'm so sorry, I will not bother anyone here anymore.