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So I'm returning to this game after some years and relearning Richter all bosses atm, but there's one specific movement which I can't replicate while watching through the current wr. In the last room of alchemy lab, he slides off a ledge and whips while falling, sending him fast enough horizontally to hit the wall before air slashing. The same movement is used at a couple other points as well, like Olrox's room. When I do the same, I don't get nearly the same distance. Is there a hidden input in there? Something else I haven't learned about momentum?


Lack of an input. IIRC, letting go of forward (possibly down as well) during a slide off a ledge preserves more momentum. The whip extends the duration of the momentum I think.


Also the sooner you fall off the ledge compared to the start of the slide and start whipping the more speed you are going to preserve.

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