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Hi guys,

Something a bit different that some of you may be interested in.

I've been playing with TAStudio and managed to clear the WR by almost a minute and a half using it.

This is my first ever time even using TAStudio so there's lots to be improved on. Strategies were mainly based around what I've found works for me when running, but the RNG meant I had to do a few workarounds as enemies weren't in their 'usual' places.

The LiveSplit timer is comparing with the current (non-TAS) WR, and as you can see, gets a gold in every stage, sometimes very convincingly.

Let me know what you think and what you feel I can improve or tell me about any obvious stuff I'm missing!

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I started to leave a bunch more comments on your vid but figured this was a better place to discuss.
I didn't realize you could reset the combo when punching Electra and Barbon so quickly.

The Jet fight looks RTA viable.

I think I need to switch back to sword strats for Vehelits.

I'm a fool for elbow dropping and grabbing Metal.

There is SO much RTA time on the table for 4 elevator.

Abadede fight had mad swag points.

I need to use neutral special more.

Time on the table for R Bear.

I wonder how consistent we can get that Souther strat.

I need to practice that Vulture thunder tackle.

This is a treasure man I really appreciate you putting the work in on this. This is the type of stuff that ends up in Summoning Salt videos lol. History in the making.

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Hey Scotty,

Thanks for your reply - I agree. I think we should be promoting conversation on this forum as much as possible!

I wanted to just reply to your points:

So for Electra and Barbon, if I understand you correctly I'm not actually resetting the combo. If you stay dead on centre on them then you manage to get your punch's backswing on them which helps continue the rest of the combo. Try it next time you're on top of them and just keep tapping B and you'll see you hit them with: Punch, Punch, Backswing Punch, and then 3 more Punches on the follow through. After that if you Thunder Tackle, you can one-shot them both on V. Easy.

The Jet fight took me ages to mess about with when making this. It's definitely possible to pull off in a real run but really the amount of effort and luck you'd need to get him to move to that spot and be able to get a couple of thunder tackles like that on him make it not worth it IMO.

Vehelits was an enemy I had to fudge it a bit with due to RNG. On paper a better strat is to thunder tackle him and one-shot it. It's possible to do so in a similar way to how you can do the block glitch on Barbon and Zamza. Again though, his weird-ass hitbox makes it very difficult to pull off and unless someone can find a consistant strat to nailing him with a thunder tackle, then sword is the next fastest and safest way to get him.

For Metal whip lady, the strat I use on this is the same I use in my actual runs. Stick to the bottom and keep sliding. The second you see her name pop up then use thunder tackle and you should be good.

Level 4 elevator is pretty optimised now. It's one of my favourite bits when running as the guys are always dropping from the same spots. I practiced a lot with save states on this section and it helps once you know the routine. The 3rd wave of enemies is my favourite bit in the whole game. The whole front throw into an atomic drop, defensive special and forward special is very aesthetic and feels great when you pull it off. It's not that hard to do either with a little practice.

Abadede fight was very weird in this and almost certainly not the quickest way to go about it. No matter what I did though I couldn't work the RNG to get him to stay still at the beginning so I had to make do with what I could here. I believe the best strat so far is: Walking up to just the bottom of the boxes, immediate slide into the boxes and if you time and position it right, the end of the slide should just hit Abadede. Then you elbow drop him and suplex, move out the way so he doesn't get you when standing up again, then repeat the elbow drop and suplex. It difficult to nail consistently but the set up should at least get you into a position where you can hit him with a suplex or an atomic drop so it helps.

Souther is a regular guy who screws me over. I need to practice the strat shown here for him as there's a lot of time to be saved by doing this. Again, the difficulty is working out where you need to be so that he flies onto the screen at just the correct points.

The vulture thunder tackle is very quick here but you can do it almost as quickly with about a 30%/40% consistency. The trick is to stand where Max stands here and when Vulture hits the ground, move down for like a frame or two to allow him time to block and then forward + thunder tackle. You should do a solid amount of damage most times, if not making it a one-shot!

And no worries man, I hope the community can use this to push the time down even further. There is definitely time to be saved and anything that helps others find new strats etc is exciting! Summoning Salt's stuff is amazing too so thanks haha!

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Yeah I've been playing around with souther doing the punch then tackle. I feel like it's best to try and catch him but if he lands a bit out of reach punch and thunder tackle. I'm emotionally spent after learning about king iopas PB in this category so I'll have more to say once I've gathered myself lol.


Scotty/Iopa you’ve both ruined my day! I didn’t see this had happened! What the actual fuck! Incredible time. 👏

Looks like I’m going to have to hibernate and win that record back! That sub 17 is coming!

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Phahaha, I'm sorry that my involment put you guys off so much. I hope you keep running and lowering times, Scotty! Also, looking forward for you to take it back, bradyo!

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Don't worry King, I had a brief moment of panic but after getting home and watching the run it made me really happy that you're grinding this category, and after seeing all of the mistakes you made I'm confident I will beat all of you! I just need a little more time!

Until then, who will get sub 16 first? You guys probably know where my money is.

Side note: The internet is weird fellas. A Slav, an Englishman and an American shit talking over a 20 year old game basically in real time. IDK, it's a very new thing and isn't part of our collective unconscious yet I guess. It's an odd feeling. I should have my analysis of iOpa's run up on youtube in the next few hours. Peace out.

(edited: )

Decided to share my speedrun routes for some sections that might come in handy for runners -

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