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I have only PAL version MegaDrive and cartridge, and I don't use an emulator.

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PAL is running slower so it's not implemented in the leaderboard by default, i would suggest you to either go Steam/ VC ports but they're all emulated versions of the games and some run poorly and are very inaccurate.

Other solution would be to region mod your console to be able to play japanese games, if i'm not mistaken the second SOR game also got JP version in the EU cart like SOR1. Switching region automatically put you on the 60hz JP version.

You can also buy a japanese/US console and the games to get the normal speed version.


I just want to bump this thread to check that a run on a console that has a region mod done to it will be accepted. Just before I bust out my soldering iron and risk ruining my mega drive.

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I mean, you can but it runs slower so you will automatically get slower times than other just because of that... If you want to inflict yourself a 16% time penalty, be our guest 😛

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