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Hi guys,

Has anyone ever used an auto-splitter on a game they've speedrun before? Does anyone know how it works or how it can be programmed for this game? I had a quick google and it seemed a bit beyond my technical skill levels, but if there's an 'easy' tutorial anyone knew about I'd be interested in learning.

It's a relatively minor inconvenience having to manually split after each level but I feel it might be beneficial to have synchronisation on the exact point where everyone splits to help compare times.

I also think if there was some code that auto-splits when the game hits certain points, it might help when practicing individual levels. I can't be the only one who's wanted to time an individual level and had issues with getting livesplit to start at the right time!

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I’ve made some Auto Splitters for various games. Mercs, Wonder Boy 3 and Streets of Rage 2. I do and maintain it in my free time.
I’m not an expert programmer, but I’ve been testing for some weeks and it works well for me.
Works on Kega Fusion v3.64 and Sega Game Room (Steam version).
It has different options. One split for each stage, splits for each screen and elevator enemy waves.
Hope you find it useful.
If you find some bugs, pleas tell me, I’ll do my best to fix it.
Here is the link:

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Dude, this is absolutely fantastic work thank you so much! You've really gone above and beyond by doing the sub-splits and even the elevator waves! I love that you've even got the icons for all of these too!

This will be super useful for me to use so thanks again. I will let you know if I have any issues with it!

I do have 1 question - is it possible to change when exactly it splits? Just because I split at a slightly different point than most other runners at the end of a level so if that is something I could easily customise, I'd be interested in knowing!


Thanks all!
The splits are done when some memory address changes its value. In this case the stage split is tracked by the address 0xFC42. It changes on the black screen after each stage score screen. That’s the easiest way I found to do the stage split.
I think it can be done when the Stage Clear title appear, like in the final split. So, I’ll try to add an option where you can choose when the split is done.

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I’ve updated the Auto Splitter. Now there are two new options:
- On Clear Title: The stage split will be done when the "Stage X Clear" title appear. (Like the stage 8 final split)
- On Stage Transition: The split will be done on the black screen after the score screen fades. (Default option)
(If both options are checked the split will be done "On Clear Title".)

Again, I’ve tested and seems to work properly, but if you find some issues let me know.

The link is the same:

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You are the man, thanks so much. I'll test it out and let you know if I find any issues!


Ok test worked fine, no issues to note. My only question now is whereabouts can I find the icons used in your template files? I have used the script and linked it to my own splits so as to keep my times and info intact, but I can't copy over all the split icons you used for each of the subsplits and waves


Thanks mate!


Hey dude, just a quick update to let you know that the autosplitter has been working great so far.

These aren't complaints at all but just a couple of things I thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to perfect it. I've no issues using it in it's current state!

- So when you leave the game on the "press start to play" title page and the demo starts playing, the autosplitter thinks it's an actual run and starts timing.

- For my streams I run the full autosplitter w/ subsplits and elevator waves for my own personal use and ALSO use the autosplitter with only the end-of-level splits for the viewers to see at the same time. The two livesplits end up being slightly different times from each other by the end of a run (usually within 0.5 seconds).

I'll update you if I find anything else. Cheers!


I'll try to solve this.
I have no clue why there's a time difference, all use the same code to start and stop the timer. The only difference is the sub-splits. But i'll investigate it 😉

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