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Hey guys, just an announcement post for anyone not in the Discord:

All Day Stages and All Night Stages have both been changed to Main Categories and are switching to Loadless time. Since this switch requires a lot of manual retiming (both of existing runs and future runs), the condition for this was that the 3 main people requesting the change will be responsible for this work. They have done exactly that, so Avikaielef, RazorX and xrrstyle have officially been added as mods.

Why the change? Well the amount of difference in loading times between Xbox 360 and PS3 has always been huge, but there's also been factors like console model, adding an SSD to your console and as of recently the addition of the Xbox One and One X. Loadless time will put all of these on equal ground. To fully embrace this, the menuing for the stages is also excluded from the timing to not punish people for unlocking missions or having DLC installed.

Why did this take so long? Well like I said it's a lot of work so it's more been a case of waiting for people to show up who were willing to put in said work. This goes for every future submission as well, so please be patient with the mods as it will take a while to retime and verify.

Why only these 2 categories? Well consider how much work it is to retime 1 run of a short category like that, where you only need 2 consistent cues for starting and stopping the timer for each stage and that's it. Now imagine doing that for a category which so many different elements and the length of Any% or even All Medals. Not very realistic for now unfortunately.

In addition to this change, All Medals has also been added as a misc category, because even though it's a bit of a funky run timing wise, it does have at least as many runs as All Night Stages, which is a fair enough argument.