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Can you add the difficulties that are in the game, as the categories, please?


what would that accomplish? The difficulties don't have any direct impact on how fast your time is, so youd just unneccesarily divide up the leaderboards. also you cant tell what difficulty is being played on from the video of a run unless the video shows the settings menu so that would be impossible to enforce


They don’t change much to be their own categories. 😕

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Well Nimputs and JustMaTT, it would accomplish the changes of the cpu's movements in the runs and make a huge impact of either timesave or timeloss. Plus telling the difficulty that's being played is what Twitch streams and YouTube videos are for because whenever a run is reset, that save file is deleted and reset to start a new run and the difficulty is shown in that process.


imo unnecessary categories and the difficulty isnt shown when resetting a run on pc and i think also gcn and ps2 but im not sure


Still feels pretty useless to have that many categories for difficulties, it's just better to reset over a timeloss because of CPUs. (yeah, i know saturns load times are long but its still better to reset)


My apologies. I meant to ask for it to be added in the filters. Can you add it to the filters, please?


You have to consider this:
- It is unnecessary, does not affect the gameplay.
- There are 674 Single Segments runs that the filter should have.
- There is no concrete way to know the difficulty that each player chose.
- More filters = uglier the leaderboard.
- There is no benefit.

You do not have to apologize, it is not wrong to ask or propose. But you have to consider the reasons.

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