Category extension board is live.
2 years ago
Michigan, USA

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that the category extension board for Mania is done and running (as of September 17, 2021).

At the moment, these 3 following points are what have been implemented onto the board:

  • Amy, Blaze & Tails, and solo Blaze full-game categories.
  • New Game+ has been shifted from a misc category into a third subcategory for the ending variable for these three categories.
  • Amy and Blaze IL boards. The links for these mods can either be found in the category rules for each category under the 'View rules' tab on SRC, or the resources tab on the catex board.

If popularity arises for any other mod or idea that would fit moreso onto the catex board than the main one, and the Mania mod team sees fit for them to be discussed then agreed upon to be added, the requested category/idea will be implemented onto the board. This process can be done on the catex forum board or in a new place in the future (hopefully coming soon, will update once this is up). Thanks for reading and have fun submitting!

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