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Hey hey people, i have requests about this game but before i dive into this i want to point out that the run time still haven't been corrected.

The rules say, Timer start on character selection (not on character control which i'm fine with it.)

However the timer stop when you last hit the boss, again this is something i have nothing against, some stop on fade out some on character control lost. the problem is, the runs display different split, which i was confused already when posting my WR video.

Linkameister stop when he lose the control of his character. This has to be changed, either the rules or the run time.

Okay now in the requests, like pretty much the majority of beat 'em ups i work on, the characters are essentially different from one and other and each got their own category such as Final fight, Streets of rage, Undercover cops etc... I'd like to have them as Main categories with their name cut into difficulties as sub categories, or the names as sub categories.

Second thing is more like a nitpick, the site did posted something about it already year ago, Any% as the name of a beat 'em up category is not very useful, the game is only completed the same way unless you find some wrong warp like in SOR1. The term is pretty much useless here.

Last of all, i'd like to expose the game to a larger audience and get people involved into speedrunning this game because in my opinion this is one of the best for the console. Despite having some flawed Hitbox the game run perfectly and inputs are very accurate compared to most of SNES beat 'em ups.

Like i did for Streets of rage 2, 2-3 years ago, it would be nice to arrange the theme of the game page, put some care into it, it seem stupid at first but when i did that to the page, adding the categories, themes and started to put up guides and give the game more spotlight the number of runners just multiplied per 10. I don't mean it is the case for all the games but it helps.

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Hey, I can ask Stunt if he can make you into a mod so that you can change it. Also I have submitted this game for multiple marathons already so far. Also I got a 28:21 with the timing I normally use during a marathon 2 weeks ago, but can't submit it cause it's not highlighted yet. I even found a longplay of the game where the guy completes this game in like 24 and a half minutes


28:11 is my first PB since i've started to route it seriously so far, i just struggle on the Joker enemy type...

Well this guy you posted is a fraud, it's super easy to caught on, most surprisingly those channels seem to be very popular and never got criticism... I mean the guy upload hundreds of games played on max difficulties without being hit a single time.

He's always punching at the highest speed, clearly using macro/turbo.

The first time i saw this guy was on Streets of rage 3, it is very apparent to catch those guys cause despite being SO GOOD that they're destroying times, taking no hit and playing in max difficulty, their gameplay has no plan, no knowledge of the game itself therefor to a veteran player it's like watching a child pick up the controller pressing random inputs but for a reason still managing to beat the game guided by the hands of a god.

In this video alone i can pin point you all the inhuman TAS reflexes he have, try just to do what he does, by dash kicking into a Boss active attack frame interrupting him pixel perfect every time, by just knowing before the joker enemy type either dive kick or jump forward, what to do, he's literally plane shifting the 1st frame the joker jump for the dive kick, how did he knew ? i'm good at speedrunning some games but gosh i'll never be able to reach such silly level of superhuman reflex.


I’ll be sure to fix all this when I come home from vacation. Sorry about the delay and for bringing this to my attention!


It's okay, if you need help i'm always around.

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