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I have posted a thread talking about this before but because was under maintenance, it got deleted (i'm assuming)
this video is me comparing what should happen and what's happening to me

and this video, is of me trying to do the spindash later but with no success of doing the skip (if i spindash sooner than i did in this video, i will end up failing like in the first video)

i have tried a lot of ways of getting tails to open the door but with no success, i even have a save state of me doing it correctly, so i don't know why i can't do it again


Are you using a controller or keyboard? I ask because it kinda looks like a bit of down+right was pressed which coaxed Tails to walk forward some. If you're on controller, I'd guess the d-pad is a bit finicky (or you're using analog stick and you're not getting a true down input.) If you're on keyboard, I have no idea. This one's strange.

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Tails isn't spindashing which is obviously the problem. To me it actually looks like you've got player 1 and 2 inputs mapped to the same button somewhere, and you're actually forcing tails to jump by command rather than having him be controlled by the AI.

Either way, the problem just lies in not having Tails follow the spindash like he's supposed to.

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@uematsufreak i'm using keyboard, but i already resolved the problem thx to @werster

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