Skipping intro cutscene
1 year ago
Kentucky, USA

I played this a long time ago and stopped because the intro bothered me between resets

Yogi won't let me make a romhack that allows skipping the intro

so now I want to get two NESes and two copies of Solstice running and just switch the A/V cables when I die

is this legal


I would say it would not be accepted. Please include the ~20 second intro scene and enjoy the awesome music. The amount of time you would use switching cables would almost be the same as just resetting.

Florida, USA

My input may not be worth a lot here, but this is my 2 cents:

As long as you could provide a recording that showed the reset/power cycle of the submitted run, as the rules intend, the number of setups you actually run live should not matter. The integrity of the submitted run is all that should matter to the moderator. So for me, I would only judge the single submitted run. Someone shouldn't be penalized for being able to run multiple legit setups if it suits them.


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Sounds like more of a hassle than sollution to me, but I don't see why it would be illegal.

I would compare it to resetting a run and then going to the toilet for 5 minutes. You have the reset and then 5 minutes of cutscenes and then the starting frame.

Then again, if I went to the toilet for 5 minutes I would reset the game again just to get a nice looking vod 😅

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