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4 years ago

Hey I got a famicom cart of solstice.

Does anyone know how that version is different? The last staff piece seems to be located somewhere else than the top of the tower. Also there is some really werid potion spawns I've never seen before..

I got the cart because I'm using a RGB famicom now, but I guess I'll have to keep using the convertor sadface


I played it for a bit and I noticed it feels slower than NTSC...? There's definitely something "wrong" with the controls. Didn't feel right at all. Haven't played enough to notice major differences.

United States

There is a room above where staff piece usually is - maybe it's there? Not sure if you need staff piece to jump up there - I only accidentally got up there on the US version.


Interesting. Since I know the US version 100% I can try and go through the famicom version for you and upload the video.


Turns out the only item difference is that the final staff piece is in the hidden room where those two potions and the 1-up hat used to be.

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