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Hi here, I've made some decisions alone about this game, and i'm not really sure they are the right.

I've looked about something really strange today. The timer in game is absolutely not accurate. For all the people who have submitted times (in levels or complete runs) and for a minute, there is ~2 seconds deficit.

If we continue with this in game timer, we respect the timer in game, but it really don't show the performance we have really done "in game", since this is not the "normal" seconds in it.

My opinion is we need to get our IGT, to really show the performance, but this put a huge problematic about calculating. I'm trying to get an IGT for livesplit, which will be a so cool tool, but haven't done it yet.

What do you think about it guys ?

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I've just done the autosplitter, so now we get a real IGT, I think we will use it now.
It means we'll have to change the times in the different categories.


is the 2 sec time lost always the same or is it random. If its the same for everyone i don't think there is a reason to change it but if its different for each runner, then there is definitively a reason to change it.

Anyway its pretty cool that we have an auto splitter now and i'm gonna try it soon.


It seems not always the same. The timer is working correctly when you are doing nothing. It seems the problem starts when you move, or when environement change. So 2sec time is not always the same, depending the level you are going throught and the skills you got.

However, there is a big problematic of keeping the IGT of the game. If the game is updated, and the timer is fixed, the time we've done with some advantage will not be beatable and that sucks.

Other problematic, now that we have an autosplitter, is for NG+ categories, cause the recap of the time is not shown at the end, same for "All Socks NG", in which u need to come back to levels to get socks. The really great point is we don't need to calculate anything at the end of the run, which is so cool !


Autosplitter works for my 2 computers, I think we can change to this timing method


Yes, i can also confirm that it work.

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I've just changed my runs to RTA times, i'll sure do other tries to improve them, don't wanna time them.

What do you wanna do for level runs? As u own all src wr on them, I think you can pick the choice :
- Keep the times like that: Time is not accurate, but no livesplit needed, can be insteresting for new players, and if there is an update, we can create a v1.2 category
- Retime each runs : Can be a bit long, not really ms accurate, but times accurate, and if there is an IG fix, we will be ready.


I think we should just leave it like that, it will be easier for you to moderate and easier for newer player to get into. Plus i don't think the dev will update the game unfortunatly. I send them a twitter pm about a game breaking bug that can let you finish a level in more or less 30 sec but i got no answer


Yeah kind of agreed with that, they didn't respond to my mail too. I'm trying a last shot on steam forum maybe. Let's validate your levels PBs 😉

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