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Due to the In-Game Timer not properly giving the correct times up to dying or restarting the checkpoint we are changing to Real Time with and without loads.

I have been working with Kuno to make an autosplitter with removed load times. Removing the loads times will make it fair for everyone whilst still making it consistent for other categories. (Sniper Elite and Authentic Plus)

This is for PC only, Console players will still record Real Time and the moderators can remove the loading times. You can access the autosplitter through Livesplit.

Right click Livesplit > edit layout, input and select the game. Then under click activate and ok it.

Some rules have been relaxed, except from proof of difficulty in higher levels, quick saves and load which are still not allowed.

I have gone through all the full game runs in all difficulties and re-timed.

Individual levels WILL not be touched and carrying on using the IGT.

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